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Helping global automotive technology upgrades,Greater Bay Area International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo will be show on Dec.06-Dec.08 in 2023

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Greater Bay Area International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo 2023 is officially set for Dec.06-Dec.08 in 2023


Exhibition Overview

In order to promote the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry and enhance core competitiveness, 

Greater Bay Area International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo 2023 will be held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan New Hall) on Dec.06-Dec.08 in 2023. We sincerely invite global new energy vehicle manufacturers and auto parts suppliers to jointly build a new platform for international cooperation and add new impetus to the common development of China's new energy vehicle industry.



China Auto Parts Accessories & Corp (CAPAC)

China-Europe Automotive Materials Committee

International Automobile Lightweight Green Technology Alliance

China-Europe New Energy Smart Automobile Industry Association

INFO Exhibition (Shanghai) Group Co., Ltd.


China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Automobile Related Industry Branch

Automotive Instrument Professional Committee of China Automobile Manufacturers Association

International Society of Automotive Engineers

Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Corporation

Korea Automobile Industry Cooperation Association (KAICA)

Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association

Engineering Plastics Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association

Modified Plastics Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association

Guangxi New Energy Automobile Industry Association


INFO Convention & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Promote the brand awareness and influence

Promote the brand awareness and market share, shift the consumption pattern, shape a good brand image, and effectively promote the exhibitors’ international and domestic influence.

Cover the whole industrial chain, and promote cross-border integration

Follow the trend of industrial development, keep up with the frontier technology and hot fields, cover the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain, influence the upstream and downstream manufacturers, distributors and terminal customers in China and even the international market, and promote cross-border integration and coordinated development of relevant industries.

High-quality platform for exchange and cooperation at home and abroad

A platform for high-end, all-round and international professional exhibition, industrial exchange and cooperation, and trading.

A high-quality platform for low-cost and efficient market promotion

Intensively covered by many domestic and foreign strong media and widely concerned by the society to reduce expenditure for your market promotion activities, reduce marketing costs and get generous returns.

A best opportunity to introduce new products, new technologies and new processes

With professional planning team, first-class exhibition environment and atmosphere and high-density media exposure, the release of your new products, new technologies and new processes can produce best results to get the most timely market feedback and significantly improve the brand awareness and reputation of enterprises and products.

Excellent exhibition organization and high-quality and considerate services

The organizer will use its comprehensive strength in automobile exhibition, influence and cohesive force in domestic and foreign automobile enterprises, multi-channel and all-round media publicity system and the superior resources in other aspects, providing you with high-quality, efficient, professional and international exhibition planning, organization, management and services. 

Why Visit

A top purchase platform gathering famous brands

The event gathers 1,000+ famous brands of automotive interiors and exteriors at home and abroad. 

20+ activities held at the same time, so you can have a knowledge of the latest industrial trends

More than 20 high-level professional conferences and forums will be held concurrently with the CIAIE 2022. The forums will adopt the form of “keynote speech, interactive ask and answer, release event of innovative automotive technologies and products”. Through the establishment of automotive engineering club, offline wine party and salon, and online group communication and discussion, it will explore the development trend of innovative automotive technologies, establish an automotive technology development system and operation mechanism integrating industry, government, academy and research and speed up the direct practical application of new technology fruits in the automotive industry.

Maintain and develop partnerships

With a face-to-face communication with renowned enterprises of the industry, you can hunt for new partners and suppliers, while maintaining your relationship with existing suppliers.

Buyer match service can help you find your favorite exhibitor(s)

As long as you provide your complete and accurate purchase demands, we will help you connect with the suitable exhibitors so that you can have more business and make a more effective use of the exhibition time.


 Online and offline procurement negotiation mode, efficiently matching precise needs

 100,000+ professional buyers worldwide

 The best industry communication platform, multi-channel and multi-mode deep integrated communication

 At the same time, it gathers professional forums in technology, R&D, design, manufacturing and other industries and application fields, and massive resources are connected

 Covering the entire industry chain platformhelping industry communication and interconnection

 Series of value-added services, all-round market promotion

 Integrated online and offline marketing to help increase brand awareness


More related advanced technology enterprises, research organizations, big names of the industry, experts and scholars are welcomed to have a dialogue on the future of automobile industry and promote the innovative and intelligent development of Chinese and global automobile industry.

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