Exhibitor Center

Why Exhibit

Exhibition Highlights: 

· High range of market penetration

· The interaction between the sub-exhibitions is closely related and produces an agglomeration effect

· Online and offline procurement negotiation dual mode to meet precise needs

· Tens of thousands of professional buyers from all over the world are prepared

· Industry exchange platform, multi-channel and multi-mode in-depth integration and exchange

· Bringing together professional forums in new energy vehicle technology, R&D, design, manufacturing and other industries and application fields, and docking massive resources

· Covering the whole industry chain platform of new energy vehicles, helping industrial exchanges and interconnection

· A series of value-added services, market promotion, to achieve continuous exposure before, during and after the exhibition

· Integrated online and offline marketing to help increase brand awareness

Why Exhibit?

◆ Enhance brand recognition and influence

Enhance brand awareness and market share, create a good brand image, and effectively enhance the international and domestic influence of exhibitors.

◆ Cover the whole industry chain and promote cross-border integration

Conform to the trend of industrial development, keep up with cutting-edge technology and hot areas, cover the upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain, influence the upstream and downstream manufacturers, channel providers and end consumers in the entire Chinese region and even the international market, and strive to promote the cross-border integration and coordinated development of related industries.

◆ A high-quality platform for exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad

International professional exhibitions, industry exchanges and cooperation and trading platforms.

◆ Low-cost high-quality marketing platform

Obtain intensive reports from many strong domestic and foreign media, get extensive attention from the society, open source and reduce expenditure for your marketing activities, reduce marketing costs, and obtain rich returns.

◆ Opportunity to launch new products, new technologies and new processes

Professional planning team, first-class display environment and atmosphere, high-density media exposure, so that your new products, new technologies, new processes release results, get timely market feedback, greatly enhance the enterprise, product brand awareness and reputation

◆ Excellent exhibition organization, high-quality and thoughtful service

The organizer gives full play to its comprehensive strength in automobile exhibitions, its influence and cohesion in domestic and foreign automobile enterprises, multi-channel and all-round media publicity system and other advantageous resources to provide you with high-quality, professional and international exhibition planning, organization, management and services.

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