Exhibitor Center

Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit

Total exhibition area is near 40,000 ㎡

To be attended by over 1,000 exhibitors

Nearly 300 industrial cooperation media from over 20 countries and regions will go all out to cover the event and highlight its international influence as a brand exhibition. The event will receive assistance and unique insights from numerous industrial organizations and associations at home and abroad.

Promote the brand awareness and influence

Promote the brand awareness and market share, shift the consumption pattern, shape a good brand image, and effectively promote the exhibitors’ international and domestic influence.

Cover the whole industrial chain, and promote cross-border integration

Follow the trend of industrial development, keep up with the frontier technology and hot fields, cover the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain, influence the upstream and downstream manufacturers, distributors and terminal customers in China and even the international market, and promote cross-border integration and coordinated development of relevant industries.

High-quality platform for exchange and cooperation at home and abroad

A platform for high-end, all-round and international professional exhibition, industrial exchange and cooperation, and trading.

A high-quality platform for low-cost and efficient market promotion

Intensively covered by many domestic and foreign strong media and widely concerned by the society to reduce expenditure for your market promotion activities, reduce marketing costs and get generous returns.

A best opportunity to introduce new products, new technologies and new processes

With professional planning team, first-class exhibition environment and atmosphere and high-density media exposure, the release of your new products, new technologies and new processes can produce best results to get the most timely market feedback and significantly improve the brand awareness and reputation of enterprises and products.

Excellent exhibition organization and high-quality and considerate services

The organizer will use its comprehensive strength in automobile exhibition, influence and cohesive force in domestic and foreign automobile enterprises, multi-channel and all-round media publicity system and the superior resources in other aspects, providing you with high-quality, efficient, professional and international exhibition planning, organization, management and services. 


 Online and offline procurement negotiation mode, efficiently matching precise needs

 100,000+ professional buyers worldwide

 The best industry communication platform, multi-channel and multi-mode deep integrated communication

 At the same time, it gathers professional forums in technology, R&D, design, manufacturing and other industries and application fields, and massive resources are connected

 Covering the entire industry chain platformhelping industry communication and interconnection

 Series of value-added services, all-round market promotion

 Integrated online and offline marketing to help increase brand awareness

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